Technical Documentation Consultants of Arizona, Inc. (TDC) publishes a quarterly newsletter entitled “The GD&T Rag”. This newsletter is available to anyone interested in the subject of Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing. The GD&T Rag has been in publication for over two decades, and continues to be a useful forum for discussion about the field of GD&T.

Each newsletter contains a number of articles of interest in the field of GD&T. There are also a number of regular features inside each edition of the newsletter:

  • GD&T Success Story

    This is a regular article that features a short narrative sent in by one of our readers that details a situation where GD&T made a positive difference. (Contributors who submit a success story that is used in a newsletter receive $100).
  • GD&T Application Guide

    This section provides an in-depth review of the application and interpretation of each type of geometric control.
  • Test your GD&T Knowledge

    This regular feature poses a GD&T brain teaser to test your knowledge of the ASME Y14.5M standard.
  • Announcements for Public GD&T workshops

    Information on upcoming public GD&T training workshops offered by TDC of Arizona, Inc. are announced.
  • Things You May Not Have Known

    This portion of the newsletter contains interesting facts and trivia, as well as Murphy’s Corollaries, less well known consequences of “Murphy’s Law”.

TDC of Arizona is now offering an electronic version (in a PDF file format) of the newsletter that may be downloaded from the web. If you would like to download and/or print a copy of the latest newsletter, please visit the TDC of AZ, cloud-based, Download Center.