GD&T Training Course Summary & Feedback

TDC of Arizona is very proud to offer our clients a unique opportunity to receive feedback from students who complete a GD&T workshop with us. We are the only GD&T company that uses this unique form of evaluation from students and shares the results with their management.

On the last day of a GD&T workshop, students are asked to complete a course evaluation form. It asks the students to rate the content of the workshop and the instructor on a scale from one to ten. Students are also given the opportunity to comment on the course and how it can be improved. Names are optional and students may complete the evaluation forms in complete anonymity. These evaluations are gathered, organized, and reported within a Course Summary document. Students comments are reported verbatim within the course summary. In addition, the course summary provides data on the performance of the entire class. The class averages for quizzes, homework, and final examination are reported.

These evaluations help us gauge class dynamics, assess student comprehension of the material, and improve our training programs. More importantly, the course summary allows clients to determine whether their hard-earned training dollars were wisely spent!. We have a sample Course Summary available for download on our document download center.