1-Day Introduction to GD&T

This one-day workshop is intended as a introduction to the field of GD&T for a wide audience of people who have had little or no prior exposure to GD&T.

The objective is to introduce students to a method of communicating design intent, specifically focusing on engineering drawings where GD&T has been specified.  This workshop is primarily designed for a broad audience - anyone who may play a role in the design and production of any item.  This course provides a wide-ranging first-look at the Y14.5 Dimensioning and Tolerancing standard.

Note:  This workshop is not intended to provide students with a working knowledge of GD&T; design and manufacturing personnel who are required to apply and interpret GD&T effectively should take the 5-day Application and Interpretation of GD&T workshop. 

Class lectures are supplemented with viewgraph presentations that explain basic concepts. Actual hardware, tooling, and functional gages are also presented to give students a hands-on understanding. Each student receives a binder containing class lecture material. Students are tested on their understanding of the class material using a take-home final examination.

This GD&T course is an intensive one-day introduction to GD&T. Each participant who completes the final exam with a score of 70% or higher will receive a class completion certificate. To best serve participants, this course is limited to a maximum of 22 students.