Consulting Services

Occasionally, companies need outside expertise when dealing with design and documentation issues. Technical Documentation Consultants of Arizona, Inc. has always helped former students and their companies, at no charge, with GD&T advice on an informal basis. However, for larger design issues that require more than a few hours, TDC offers formal design consulting. Although consulting services may seem pricey, careful design with proper documentation will always result in a product that is made faster, better, and cheaper. Technical Documentation Consultants of Arizona, Inc. provides selected consulting services in the following areas (subject to availability/scheduling):

Drawing Check

When provided with documentation (hardcopies or electronic data), TDC of Arizona will evaluate individual drawings or drawing packages for the following:

  • Adherence to the Dimensioning and Tolerance standard listed on the drawing (any version of the Y14.5M Dimensioning and Tolerancing Standard)
  • Proper drawing format
  • Proper datum selection
  • Proper GD&T controls
  • Interchangeability requirements

After review of all design documentation, TDC will provide red-lined copies and a summary of suggested changes. Reviews are conducted under the supervision of a Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing Professional (GDTP) as certified by The American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME).

Pro-Engineer Model/Drawing Creation

TDC of Arizona will provide models and drawings using PTC Pro-E (version 2001, Wildfire 2.0). Services include creation of:

  • Full parametric models using best modeling practices
  • Full parametric drawings using proper GD&T controls and symbology
  • Assemblies

Design Support

TDC of Arizona also offers a full range of design services. All design support tasks are performed by Senior Level Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing Professionals (GDTP) as certified by The American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME).

  • Design expertise for design documentation (models, drawings, specifications, etc.)
  • In depth tolerance studies (worst case, RSS studies in translation, de-center, rotation, tip)
  • Interchangeability requirements
  • Functional gage design
  • Inspection procedures
  • Graphical Inspection Analysis (Paper Gaging)
  • Datum selection
  • Composite GD&T controls (Position, Profile, Boundary position)
  • Producibility studies
  • Cost reduction studies
  • Opto-mechanical design

Fee Schedule*

Hours Drawing Check Pro-E Design Design Support
0 - 10 $130/hr $90/hr $160/hr
10 - 50 $120/hr $80/hr $150/hr
50 + $110/hr $70/hr $140/hr

* For long-term or sustaining tasks, the fee schedule is negotiable for additional discounting.