2-Day ASME Y14.5 1982-1994-2009 Updates Workshop

This two-day GD&T workshop is designed for those GD&T users who are currently using the Y14.5M-1982 or Y14.5M-1994 revision of the ASME Y14.5 Dimensioning and Tolerancing Standard, and wish to migrate to the recently released Y14.5-2009 revision. Companies that are switching from the 1982 or 1994 revision of the standard to the current 2009 revision of the standard will find this workshop especially useful.

The course objective is to identify and understand the many changes and additions made between the Y14.5M-1982, Y14.5M-1994, and Y14.5-2009 Dimensioning and Tolerancing Standards.

Class lectures are supplemented with viewgraph presentations that explain the desired concepts. Although the class focuses on the changes and additions to the latest standard, the workshop also provides an opportunity to review many of the major GD&T concepts.

Each student will receive a binder containing class lecture material; in addition, attendees will receive a comprehensive booklet listing and summarizing changes and additions to the ASME Y14.5-2009 Standard.

This GD&T course is an intensive training program. Students are expected to review material presented each day and to prepare for the lecture quizzes. Homework is also assigned on the first evening. Those who desire to do well in this course study two to four hours each day in addition to classroom time. Students are evaluated on lecture quizzes, homework, and a comprehensive take-home final examination. Those who correctly complete 70% of the assignment receive a satisfactory completion certificate that certifies their competency in GD&T application and interpretation. To best serve the participants, this course is limited to a maximum attendance of 22 students.